Friday, September 2, 2011

My Milanese Pet Hates - Part 9

The people on their scooters and motorbikes who use pedestrian crossings.

Pavements, and therefore pedestrian crossings, are for people, not for vehicles.

And this is especially true first thing in the morning when it's difficult enough trying to keep myself awake.

Just stick to the roads, ok?


Anonymous said...

Pedestrian crossing are "striscie pedonali", aren't they?

I sometimes went by bike on footpaths when I was a kid, eventually crossing the streets on pedestrian crossings.
Mostly in the afternoons after school or on Sundays.

I discovered the whole damn town by bike, traveling mostly in the streets, and putting my life in danger at every corner. No bicicle paths those days and neither these days, I suppose.

What a fool I was, but that was real fun. It felt and tasted like freedom. 100% freedom.
Freedom: a word seldom used this days.

I left stinking Milan when I was 33: What a relief!

Come to Como, enjoy a much better life here. Spend less, meet much more relaxed people and have much more fun on the lake, in the mountains and no fu...g "AFA" during the whole summer.

It's really lovely, from every point of view, I swear.

You'll never get nervy in Como.

Eventually live in Italy and work in Swizerland, earning twice as much.

What does "pet hates" mean?
Why "pet"?
What's the meaning of "pet" in this context?

Thank you for your help.

Nerys said...

Ciao Geppetto! 'Pet hates' is a phrase that's used for things that irritate you, little, sort of everyday things really. I use it on my blog for the little things I come across in Milan that annoy me.

I'd never bike around Milan, it's far too dangerous, I don't know how people do it. There aren't anywhere near enough bike paths, and cycling on the road is crazy with how people drive here. I don't know how people manage it!

I like Como, it's nice and calm by the lake - as long as there aren't too many tourists around! But I think I'll be sticking around in Milan for a bit longer :)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Here you take your life in your hands to use a crossing!

Nerys said...