Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Song of The Week

Meglio prima is the second single from J-Ax's album of the same name, and continues with the tongue-in-cheek nostalgia that we saw in some of his songs from his last album, Deca dance (The single Deca dance being one, and also his fantastic collaboration with Jovanotti on Vecchia scuola, which includes some lines where they quote each others' lyrics from the past). Here the question is, were things better before or 'meglio prima'?


Anonymous said...

Cannot listen to the audio track out here in Germany, due to YouTube restictions.

Check this out:

and this:


Anonymous said...

'tongue-in-cheek': a genuine british phrase, I suppose.

But I don't get it completely.
Will you please help me out?

Does it mean "not-to-be-taken-seriously nostalgia" or "sarcastic nostalgia" or something else?

Thanks in advance.


P.S. secondo me quantomeno la musica era meglio prima, forse anche la gente.

Nerys said...

Ciao Geppetto, yes, tongue-in-cheek can mean both, sarcasm and also something not to be taken seriously.