Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Welsh Miners

The first news bulletin I heard on the radio this morning at 9am didn't include any mention of the events from my homecountry. It was like it had never happened.  Nobody even mentioned the miners to me yesterday and Thursday, it was just me on my own trying to keep up with the sad events online as they were unfolding.

It was as if nobody cared. As if nobody cared about the four miners. Their friends and family. The closely-knit mining community they were a part of. The news slowly filtered down to Italy, but even during the evening I was having to explain to Italian friends what was happening back home.

Right up until the end I was still hoping for the best, hoping that it wouldn't end how I feared. I know this tragedy's affected the whole of Wales. I can't remember anything like this happening in my country before, and just because I'm far away from home it hasn't affected me any less. It's such a sad loss, something you would never imagine that could happen in the country you grew up with.

My heart goes out to the four men's families and friends. Cysgwch yn dawel bois.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Nerys. I know exactly how you feel. Such tragedies do not affect us less because we are not there. La Repubblica reported it last night but as far as I know there has been nothing in Corriere della Sera and certainly not in local newspapers. Is it near where your family live? x

Nerys said...

Hi Pat. I couldn't find anything in the newspapers this morning, the first I saw of it yesterday was a short article by ANSA, which I think is what La Repubblica reported. The area would be around an hour from where my family live, but being in the south it feels like a familiar area.

Anonymous said...

What generous thoughts, what generous words.