Sunday, October 9, 2011

Il Censimento

Today's census day in Italy. Over the last few weeks the forms have been sent out by post - amazingly mine actually arrived in my post box, a very rare event... - and even though they still haven't been received by everyone, today was the date that the census would be based on.

After looking at what seemed like quite a complicated and confusing form, I decided that I'd complete my form online. A dedicated site had been set up, and in order to complete the census you had to log in using your Codice Fiscale and the password which was written on the paper copy of the census form. I figured that not only would I complete the form quicker as I wouldn't be writing everything out by hand, there would be less chance of getting things wrong and completing questions I shouldn't be answering.

Unfortunately though, Istat's website hasn't been able to cope with the demand. Twitter has been full of complaints, and the hashtag #censimento (Italian for 'census) is first in the trending topics. It took me about ten minutes just to get logged in, and after getting thrown out of the system several times during the process, it took me six (yes, I counted) attempts to send the completed form. A process of around an hour and a half, which ironically I wouldn't have spent writing the form by hand.

To be filed under Only in Italy I guess.....


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I gave up trying to get into the site on sunday. Am debating whether to just do it by hand now.

Nerys said...

Hi Pat, it just seems that much more difficult to do by hand doesn't it?