Thursday, November 3, 2011

British Week

Brits of Italy rejoice, it's British week at Lidl!!

Ok, ignore the scema in the photo and concentrate instead on the glass full of purple lovelyness. Blackcurrant squash.

I absolutely adore the stuff, but unfortunately for me it's practically inexistant in Italy. I have found a juice which was blackcurrant and something (if someone could enlighten me as to what it could be that'd be great, the bottle has possibly a white flower on it?) but much to my disappointment I didn't like it. But this week it's on sale in Lidl along with other British food, and I bought three bottles of the stuff. Yes, three.

For someone who hasn't experienced what it's like to drink or eat something that you haven't for months or even years, something you loved when you were growing up, it's difficult to explain what it means. It might seem silly, after all, it's just a drink. It's more than that though. For me it's mainly memories of cold winter nights curled up in bed with a cup of hot blackcurrant, with the wind and rain howling outside, watching something good on the tv. It's comforting, it reminds me of home.

So I'd like to thank Lidl for reuniting me with my favourite drink, it's been far too long!


Anonymous said...

No, you don't look scema, but you look tipsy.

Are you sure it wasn't wine? :))))

I tried to find in Italy horseradish sauce, but I failed.


milanese masala said...

Hi! I happened across your blog while trying to find out about British Food week at Lidl. I'm dying for some cheddar so I hope I'm not too late. I wonder if they'll ever have a Canadian Food week. I highly doubt it!

Nerys said...

Hi Fabal, I was totally sober, promise!

Canedolia said...

I wonder if it's British week in France too. That would be awesome!

And if so, what about in Britain?

I'm not sure I've commented here before but I've been reading your blog for a while, so thanks for keeping me updated with what life is like in Milano!

Nerys said...

Hi Canedolia! I remember in the Lidl in my hometown there used to be different weeks, there used to be Italian stuff quite often. I'm not sure what the French would make of British food though ;)

Nerys said...

Milanese Masala, your comment managed to get a bit lost, no doubt me being blonde again, sorry! Canadian week would be great, I'd stock up on maple syrup, I love that stuff!