Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas is coming...

Well, sort of. 

Whilst it's full-blown-Christmas style in the UK, Italy is much more subtle about it. However, I've noticed that since I arrived here back in 2008 that Christmas things have been popping up earlier and earlier every year. The Italians don't go absolutely bonkers like us Brits and start selling Christmas things before the kids are back at school in September, but it seems to me that at least in Milan the Christmas period has been eating into November that little bit more every year.

Take this year for example. There's been Christmas lights in the shape of a star hanging outside a tabaccheria down the street from my office for just over a week now, and the beginning of November for Christmas lights in Italy is early. And they're not the only ones, on the same street maybe a couple of hundred metres down another shop has a whole load of those icicle type lights outside; and from today an opticians on the way home has three shooting stars! Seriously, it's too early for all that.

Even the Christmas food in the supermarket arrived earlier. Lidl went absolutely bonkers and bought its Christmas stuff in about a MONTH ago. I can't imagine anyone in Italy even remotely thinking about buying Christmas food in October. But even the Italian supermarkets weren't far behind with their panettone and chocolates!

I remember when I was in Urbino for my Erasmus, the Christmas lights in the streets of the centro storico didn't go up until the 1st of December. To me it seemed sensible, I don't really get the point of going mad about Christmas when there's still weeks to go, and certainly not in September like the UK does. I mean, it's not going anywhere, is it??

Thanks to Sarah for the inspiration for today's post!

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