Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Floods - an update

After yesterday's events I feel it'd be unsensitive to write about anything else today. Genova yesterday was hit by flash floods, rivers which run through the city burst their banks. Streets became torrents. The images are shocking, it's hard to believe something on that scale could happen in the country I'm living in.

Six people lost their lives; amongst them a mother and her two young children (the youngest just 11 months old) who were trying to get to safety when they were carried away by the water. I saw a man being interviewed on Sky News 24, his business which he had been running for 50 years had been flooded; the water had reached a depth of 1.5 metres and there was nothing he could do. And unfortunately more flooding is predicted for the area.

There are also flood warnings issued during the day for Piemonte. The Po river is expected to burst its banks at some point between Sunday and Tuesday for different areas of the region. Evacuations have been ordered for areas in the province of Alessandria, where flooding is expected tomorrow.

In Milan it's been raining solidly for nearly 48 hours. I don't think I've ever seen such heavy rain in Italy. But we're the lucky ones here, apart from a lot of water on the road so far everything seems to be fine. The Seveso and Lambro rivers however are being monitored, as the rain isn't expected to stop any time soon.

My thoughts go out to everyone who's been affected by the events of the last couple of days, the whole of Italy is with you.

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