Tuesday, November 8, 2011



is known in italian as a caco. 

Opened up it looks something like this:

Up until my arrival in Milan I'd never even seen one, never mind tried one. For some reason or other after one winter of eating them I went off them for two years and didn't want to eat any at all. But yesterday I saw the packets in the supermarket and thought 'why not?'. I still find the slightly slimy texture a bit too strange, but I'm hoping after eating the other three in the pack I will have managed to get used to it again. It's difficult to define the taste of it, for me the fruit that comes closest is the apricot, but it's more tangy.

Whilst talking about kaki with a friend of mine on Twitter last night she sent me the link to this, it's a song by Elio e le Storie Tese, La terra dei cachi - Italy is the 'land of the kaki'.


steffi said...

we have two kaki's trees in my house. I used to like them, now I can't stand them.

Anonymous said...

It happened something not too different to me with parsnips.

You may have noticed there's no parsnip at all in Italian supermarkets.
The first time I heard of it them was in Ireland. I went for shopping in Dublin supermarkets for years, everytime coming across to parsnips, yet looking at them no longer than 2 seconds.

I found them again when I was in Cardiff, decided to give them a try, and actually I liked them.

But then, when I asked my dad to find some in Italy, he just told me parsnips were used long time ago only to feed horses.
Never thought of myself as a horse.


Nerys said...

Ciao Steffi! That's like how it was with me, but I like them again now!

Hi Fabal, I didn't know that they were used to feed horses, I never thought about why I'd never seen them in Italy. I don't like them myself, so luckily for me I don't miss them!