Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lost in Translation?

Ok, if this isn't an Only in Italy thing then I apologise for my ignorance, I've pratically lived my whole post-university life in Italy, and a 'sensual' fabric conditioner amused me no end when I saw it in the supermarket last night. I've yet to use it though so I can't say if it lives up to its name or not!


Eleonora said...

And how about the supermarket chain called Gros? Add an "S" and you never want to shop there ever again. And how about VaffanCola? I'd like to meet the mearketing gurus behind these names...

Complimenti sul blog e sui tuoi tweet, mi fanno morire dal ridere :)

Eleonora @paserotto

Nerys said...

Grazie mille Eleonora! I think the VaffanCola's hilarious, (I'm oh so mature like that...) not seen a can myself though unfortunately!