Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Moka

Making coffee with an Italian moka pot is easy peasy.

This is one of the two I own, bought after my arrival in Milan. I've had the smaller one for over four years, I bought it in Lucca when I was studying in Pisa; for some reason I couldn't find a moka in Pisa itself for love nor money (especially money).

So, a moka is made up of three main components. What you don't see here is the rubber seal and the filter which are in the top part of the moka.

Fill the bottom part with water up to the valve....

... and the funnel with ground coffee...

... screw on the top part and stick it on the stove. When you start hearing a bubbling noise the coffee's starting to rise...

And before you know it, your steaming hot coffee will be ready!

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