Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas With The Yours

Possibly the greatest Christmas song ever!!

It's almost hard to believe that this time tomorrow I will have arrived in Heathrow and that I'll be back in the UK for the first time since April. It'll be my first Christmas home in two years, after I was stuck in Milan last year after heavy snowfall both in Italy and in the UK. This year - so far!! - has been snow free in Milan, and even though some snow has fallen back home in Wales it was never enough to risk my flight.

I can't wait to spend Christmas with my family. I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and I hope you all get to spend it with those you love.


Nora said...

Buon Natale - con i tuoi, buon anno con chi vuoi. Buone feste!

Nerys said...

Grazie Nora, buone feste anche a te!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Buon Natale, Nerys. Salutami il Galles! x

Nerys said...

Ciao Pat, only just seen your comment. Hope you had a nice Christmas!