Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Big Freeze

It's been a week since it started snowing here in Milan, and the white stuff on the ground isn't going away any time fast. Parts of Italy have been brought to a standstill as the snow's been gradually moving from North to South. I've seen images on the news from my beloved Urbino deep in snow, with some of the university students going around the city clearing the streets. Central Italy in general has been hit really hard, but the most talked about city in the news is Rome. The city was bought to a standstill when it started snowing on Friday, public transport was hit hard as many vehicles didn't have winter tires or chains, and even today the news has been showing abandoned cars in the region of Lazio that are still stuck in the snow.

But as far as Milan's concerned, I've been very impressed. The roads are cleared - the pavements not so much, but pazienza, you can't have everything - and cars and public transport are circulating. When I ventured out on the weekend I was amazed to see a completely clear Via Buenos Aires and Piazza Duomo. It was almost as if the centre of town hadn't seen any snow at all. Except for one place though, Parco Sempione. The park was still covered in snow, and as much as the snow can annoy me, I must admit that it did look beautiful.


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

The big Freeze continues and now we have more snow forecast for tomorrow in Lazio!

Nerys said...

Hi Linda, we had a sprinkling of snow last night, how is it in your neck of the woods?