Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eurovision 2012

I love Eurovision. In all its cheesyness and randomness it's always so much fun. So of course, last night I was at home watching the coverage on Rai 2. I have to say that the Italian coverage this year was a big improvement on last year. It was much closer to what I'd been used to in the UK; last year there were presenters and a mini-audience in a studio in Rome, but this year two presenters from Rai Radio 2 were commenting the evening's proceedings. At times they were a bit too chatty for my liking, talking over the interval act for example, but generally speaking they did a good job. It was amusing to hear how bitter and sarcastic they became as the night went on, they were obviously expecting a result similar to last year's. But they seemed to get it though, or at least more than Raffaela Carrà did last year; one of my highlights was their ironic comments about Jedward, how they wanted viewers to round up everyone they knew to witness the performance!

Nina Zilli did Italy proud, even though the country's disappointed at finishing ninth. I guess it's only natural to be disappointed after finishing second last year, but for me it's still a respectable result. Italy received some interesting votes from its neighbours to say the least, including a shocking seven points from San Marino! Nina gave a fantastic performance of L'amore è femmina (Out of Love), a bilingual version of her song that's been on the radio here for a few weeks, so it was very strange for me to hear her singing in English!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

We did have fun on twitter, didn't we? I think Nina deserved better and poor old Hump!

Laruchka said...

The song sounds way better in English, I suspect it was translated back into Italian. I thought her performance was very good too. She deserved better than 9th place, (as did Engleburt!) Can't believe Italy gave 12 points to Albania.

Nerys said...

Ciao Pat and Laruchka, Nina did deserve better, poverina! And the 12 points to Albania amused me so much!