Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Roman Weekend

I've been living in Italy for over three and a half years now, but I hadn't been to Rome since 2006, during my year abroad. It's a shocking amount of time for someone living in Milan, and even though the train fares are pretty steep now since the Frecciarossa train took over the route between the two cities (if anyone's interested, another company, Italo, have recently started high-speed journeys from Rome to Milan) I really have no excuses. I spent this past weekend in the eternal city with a friend, and we hit it in true tourist style!

I'd never seen so many tourists in one place than Piazza di Spagna. Actually, I reckon between everywhere we went I saw more tourists in those two days in Rome than I see in a year in Milan! The main sights were packed, even during the hottest hours of the day.

The Trevi Fountain along with Piazza di Spagna was one of the sights I didn't see the last time in Rome, due to me unfortunately having the lurgy the week I was there. But this time there was no way I was missing it. It took my breath away - also for the sheer amount of people around it! It took some serious effort to battle through the crowds to throw my coin in the fountain!

It was amazing to go inside the Colusseum. For that and the Roman Forum we decided to go for a tour guide, mainly to avoid queuing in the afternoon sun for a couple of hours. It was definitely worth it, even though our guide for the Colusseum was geeking out with a history a little bit too much!

I had such a great time in Rome, everything worked out so wonderfully! Next time I won't leave it so long before returning!