Thursday, July 5, 2012

Il trucco

Language geek mode on.

The Italian for make-up is il trucco, but the interesting thing is that the noun trucco can also be translated as 'trick', as in a card trick for example. There have also been many mentions of the verb truccare in the news during the last few months, in reference to the various match-fixing allegations that have blighted Italian football - the verb means 'to fix' or 'to rig'. But in the reflexive 'truccarsi' - so to truccare oneself - means 'to dress up', 'to put on make-up', but also to 'to disguise oneself'.

Language lesson over.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been stocking up on new make-up. I've been feeling a bit stuck in a rut recently, and after my drastic change in hair colour in May I decided that new make-up was now the way to go.

The best find was that silver spray can, a make-up fixer. Basically you spray it on your face after you've finished slapping on your warpaint. I bought it last night so I've only had one full day's use of it, but so far I'm really impressed. One of the many problems of summer in most of Italy is that your make-up just ends up melting within seconds in the 30-odd degree heat (and if you're in Milan add the horrendous humitity to it). But that didn't happen today!

Very happy Nerys!

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