Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Song of The Week

Non sono solo canzonette (They're not just little songs) is a curious song. It's by 27 year old singer-songwriter and pianist Paolo Simoni, and borrows lyrics from many famous Italian songs from the past; such as Domenico Modugno's Nel blu dipinto di blu, Franco Battiato's Centro di gravità permanente, and the title of the song itself borrows from Edoardo Bennato's Sono solo canzonette.


//A said...

There's an error: Centro di Gravità Permanente is by Franco Battiato, not Battisti (whose name is Lucio) :)

Nerys said...

Argh!! Thanks A, looks like I was trying to be too clever for my own good!

//A said...

Don't say that, I must admit that sometimes it also happened to me because their last names are very similar ^_^