Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Song of The Summer?

This has been my fourth summer in Milan and I still don't understand how, without fail, the Italians seem to go a just a little bit silly when it comes to music every time the weather starts to get hot.

This year many have given the rather dubious honour of the tormentone dell'estate (literally 'torment of the summer') to a song created (well, there's actually been a bit of a plagiarism debate about this on Twitter during the last few days...) by Radio Globo in Lazio. It's about a chick (pulcino) called Pio.

Annoying, right?

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Rake said...

I'm just astonished: it's been the first time I've heard this stupid song, and if this is really il tormentone dell'estate, well... it means in Italy things are going from bad to worse.

Povera Italia!