Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to avoid unwanted attention in Italy

Yes, I know, I'm rubbish at self portraits.

Dye your hair red.

I'm deadly serious.

For around three and a half years after my arrival in Milan my hair was blonde by Italian standards. Yes, for some of the time I did dye it, so I do admit that I brought on some of the problem myself. I've been a redhead for nearly 6 months, and the difference it's made to the amount of unwanted attention I've been getting is incredible. Nearly every single time I left the house there'd be someone commenting at my appearance, as much as it baffled me. And nearly every comment involved the word bionda, blonde.

Now that I'm no longer bionda the comments have stopped. Random men no longer say anything to me in the street, and I can walk around everywhere in peace.

I can't believe it was that simple.


SaritaAgerman said...

Hehe! this really made me chuckle! It's so true though. I had a blonde friend with me in Italy when I did Erasmus and I lost count of the times men would pester her in the street. Once a man just stroked her hair and said, 'bi-on-da' (as if he'd never seen one before) and another time a man was staring so intently at her that he nearly fell off his bike!! At that time, I pretty much blended in and looked italian & so I wasn't pestered. I think you made a wise choice!

Nerys said...

Hi Sarita! It wasn't too bad during my Erasmus year, maybe because I studied in a student town in the hills... But some of the reactions I'd got here in Milan were puzzling to say the least!