Thursday, October 4, 2012

Il cambio di stagione

After nearly four years in Italy I still haven't got used to the change in seasons in Italy. At home I was used to having even all four seasons in one day; and summer was always a wash-out, so I never had the range of temperatures that exists in northern Italy. Currently in Milan we're still hitting maximum temperatures during the day of around 21-22 degrees, but considering it was over 35 not more than a month ago it's quite a change. I'm happily walking around in a cardi, jeans, and my beloved Converse, but I've seen some of the Milanese walking around in full-blown winter coats much to my amusement.

What I've found in my time here - and especially here - is that the 'cambio di stagione', the change from one season to another, can be used as an excuse for a myriad of things. From illnesses, lack of sleep, and obviously depression and irritability. I can understand the psychological effect the change in weather can have on people, but for me this temperature is what I was used to during summer when I was back home. The weather hasn't been particularly awful recently, we've had some rain, but nothing really out of the ordinary.

But still, it is affecting me. How? Well, I've gone into full-blown 'fattening myself up for Winter' mode and I'm pretty much eating anything I can get my hands on. The preference being stodgy food such as pasta e fagioli, lasagne, oh and also delicious cotoletta. All of my willpower seems to have disappeared with the warm summer weather. I'm also more tired than usual, I'm not sure if it's just down to the busy few weeks and weekends that I've had since the end of summer, but I'm definitely putting it down to the cambio di stagione too!

I do like the cooler weather too, this year I got more fed up of the hot and stuffy summer weather than usual. I've been reunited with my duvet and my 'normal' clothes - another reason why I don't like summer, the summery clothes I have to wear because of the heat. Oh how I missed my jeans this year! and I'm not sweating just by sitting still! So I guess a few extra kilos and some tiredness is the price I have to pay for the temperature being bareable again!

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