Sunday, February 17, 2013

Countdown to Eurovision 2013

This year nothing changed, I had no interest in Sanremo apart from finding out who would be representing Italy in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. I love music, and Italian music, but it's a part of Italian culture that I haven't been able to embrace. There's too much useless chatter, people looking for a scandal - such as Belen's famous butterfly tattoo last year - and how long does it go on for every night?? Last night the winner and also Italy's choice for the Contest was revealed - 24 year old Marco Mengoni.

Marco won the 3rd edition of X Factor in 2009, which was the year when I was in the audience for one of the shows. I liked him, because he was a bit eccentric and not your typical talent show contestant. He also entered Sanremo that year, finishing third. He has sold over 270,000 copies of his album and three EPs, and was the first Italian singer to win Best European Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2010. His winning song from Sanremo was L'essenziale, but the song that he's going to be taking to Malmo has yet to be announced.


Laruchka said...

I didn't know he was going to eurovision! Thanks for the heads up. Have to say I thought this year's festival was loads better, a lot less chit chat and better songs and artists, though to be fair i still only watched one night of it.

Nerys said...

Hi Laruchka! One night of it's still more than what I managed!