Monday, April 29, 2013

Still no Spring

Yo Italy, do you remember Spring? Yes, Spring, you know? The only really nice season of the year? The one after grey season, and before the ridonkulously hot one?

I guess not, eh?

Today's the 29th of April and I actually had to get my winter coat out because it was so cold and rainy this morning. In the four and a half years that I've been here I haven't seen such a bad Spring. Normally this time of year - and the same goes for Summer - if it rains there's a short heavy shower, and then it clears up straightaway. Last night an epic thunderstorm of monsoon porportions showed up in Milan around 6pm and it stuck around for most of today. It stopped raining in the afternoon and this evening a very shy sun has put in an appearance, but if the forecast is to be believed it's not going to last. The weather app on my phone is showing rain for every single day of the next two weeks.



silencer137 said...

Same here, in Germany. Last night we had 5 degree Celsius, which is way too cold. I am always a bit jealeous for italian weather, which is usually much warmer and more sunny than north of the alps, but when this year even in italy is no spring - is there any hope at all?

By the way: Thanks for your blog. I really like the small bits from daily life in italy. And since I try to learn the language, your "words of the week" are a valuable addition to my vocabulary.

Nerys said...

5 degrees?? Wow, that really is far too cold!

Thank you! :)