Monday, May 13, 2013

My least favourite Italian words

Some time ago I wrote about my favourite Italian words. So for fairness, here are the words that I don't like quite as much.

Piacere - to like
Don't even get me started on this, this verb is a nightmare. Ok, liking something as in the sense of how I like gelato's fairly straightforward, 'mi piace'. Even though I'm the one doing the liking the verb's congiugated as if the liking were done by someone else, it's the 'mi' that shows that I like it. The verb conjugation always refers to the object that's being liked, in this case the gelato is the it/he/she single 3rd person singular. Confused? That's why it's such a nightmare.

Mancare - to miss
The conjugation works in the same way as piacere, yet for some reason my brain seems to get the concept of mancare better. So basically if I were speaking to someone on the phone who I was missing I would say 'mi manchi', I miss you. The 'i' at the end in the present tense is used in the second person (familiar) conjugation of verbs.

Altrettanto - likewise/as much/the same
Too. Many. Ts. I mean, four out of 11 letters?? I trip over my tongue every single time I say it. Avoid avoid avoid.

Arrivederci - Goodbye
And this has too many rs. I swear this is a test the Italians thought up to see if us foreigners were capable of speaking their language. It makes me sound awfully foreign and feel very paranoid every time I try to say it.


gooddayrome said...

I love altrettanto but piacere and it's ilk (servire, occorrere)get me every time -- Especially occorrerebbero!

Nerys said...

For some reason I really like servire, that I've managed to understand without any problem!

Rake said...

Very funny post, it made me laugh.

Whenever you have tongue-trip problems, try to say precipitevolissimevolmente (still wrongly believed to be the longest Italian word).
If you manage to say it I will see if I can get in touch with my high-level connections to make you apply directly for the Italian passport.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Good choices. I hate "Pazienza"!

Nerys said...

Ah pazienza, where would we be without it?