Saturday, May 18, 2013

Word of The Week

Gli occhiali - glasses

These are the two pairs of occhiali that you can see me wearing at the moment. It was when I was 22, about a month before my move to Italy that I got prescribed glasses, after a lifetime of having perfect vision. The funky sunglasses I bought a couple of weeks ago, in preparation for the summer. To get the Italian for sunglasses add da sole after occhiali, they're glasses for the sun. There's also the word for eyes, occhi, in the word occhiali. Occhiali is a masculine plural noun beginning with a vowel, which means that the definite article in front of the noun is gli and not i.


silencer137 said...

How do you say "my glasses" - miei Occhiali?

Nerys said...

Very nearly, 'i miei occhiali'.