Saturday, June 1, 2013

Word of The Week

Il libro - book

Since reading Murakami's 1984 a few weeks ago I've reverted back to the nerdy bookworm I was for most of my time at school. This is a part of my growing library, and at the moment it feels like libri are slowly taking over my house!


silencer137 said...

Libri occupy so much space. Last year I moved to another city and suddenly I realized that of the 70 moving boxes more than 30 where full of books. That was the precise moment when I decided to buy an eBookreader, so my library can expand, but not take more room. Besides, these ebookthings are very useful for traveling.

Nerys said...

I've been thinking about getting an ebook reader for a while, but I'm too old school and can't deal with the thought of giving up physical books yet!