Saturday, June 15, 2013

Word of The Week

L'abbronzatura (feminine noun) - tan

It's only mid-June but there are already people walking around Milan with a ridiculous tan. Whether this is from the beach/park/sitting on the balcony all day, or one they've paid for in a tanning salon is a mystery, though after the only rare sightings of that yellow ball in the sky this year I'm tempted to go for the second option. Today was the first real chance I had to start working on my abbronzatura after all the bad weather we've had. The only problem is being a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Celt, I don't tan - I freckle.


SaritaAgerman said...

It's so true. There are so any tans at work already. The sun is shining here though and many go to the sea every weekend to their beach homes (!) The funniest part is that they usually say 'I'm so pale!' and then look at my English transparent skin and seem to feel better instantly : s

Nerys said...

Hi Sarita, that's happened so many times with me too! :D