Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Magnum Pleasure Store, Milan

I finally got round to going to the much-talked about and photographed Magnum Pleasure Store (Ooh err missus!) in Milan city centre.

The store is in Piazza San Fedele 2, a short walk from Piazza Duomo. For a sweet-toothed person like me the idea is genius, you get to customise your own Magnum ice cream. Don't let the queue put you off, it really is worth the wait!

So, how is it made? You choose the ice cream flavour, vanilla or chocolate (they only had vanilla when I went, which luckily is what I would've chosen anyway); the type of chocolate covering it, milk, dark, or white; the toppings to go with it; and what type of chocolate you want drizzled over it. There are all sorts of toppings to choose from, crumbled biscuits, nuts, fruit... Making your three-flavour combination isn't easy!

And eccolo! Here it is!

This was my choice. The vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate coating, and my three toppings. They were pistacchio, amaretti biscuits, and the white bits are meringue. There's also white chocolate drizzled on top of it.


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silencer137 said...

I always feel the urge to smile when I see those "flagship stores" of global food companys, especially in italy. Trying to sell mass produced ice cream or coffee in aluminum capsules to the masters of coffee- and icecream-making seems unpromising :-)