Friday, August 30, 2013

The Summer 'Torments': The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It's coming to the end of Summer which means having to decide on this year's tormentone dell'estate, or the song of the summer. Tormentone literally translates to torment, but it doesn't necessarily only have negative connotations. For example, two of the biggest English language tormentoni this summer have been Get lucky and Blurred Lines. Italy loves them. Me, after about the 1000th time of hearing each of them on the radio, not so much. Here are three songs which may not necessarily be some of the biggest songs of the summer, but will remind me of these hot summer months in years to come.

Good: Levante - Alfonso

My absolute favourite Italian song of the summer. It reminds me of a sunny Sunday in Turin at the end of June, singing along to it with my friend Monica. I loved it from the first time that I heard it, partly because of the line che vita di merda in the song - 'what a shit life'!

Bad: Serebro - Mi Mi Mi

There is nothing good about three women singing about how sexy they are, especially if it's in a language that isn't their first. Their first single was called Mama Lover. No, really. I think it should've translated to mummy's boy or something like that. Plus, it always reminds me of this.

Ugly: Claudia & Asu - Zalele

Every summer at least one awful foreign song reaches the shores of Italy. It's like an unwritten rule. The last couple of years it had been the Brazilians' fault (see here, and here), but this year the Romanians decided that they wanted a piece of the fun. It's not like I've got anything against foreign songs, Brazilian Maria Gadu's 
Shimbalai√™ which was doing the rounds in Italy in 2011 is one of my favourite summer songs of all time. But for these awful ones after a summer of being played to death on the radio, it's like once September comes around it's like someone pulls out a Men In Black neuralyzer pen and destroys any memory of these songs. Strange that.


Anonymous said...

At first I misread this post and thought 'Mi Mi Mi' was your very favourite song of the summer. I played it expecting something special but could only stand about 5 seconds of it before I switched it off. So I was relieved to eventually realize it was actually your worst song of the summer. :D

'Alfonso' on the other hand is great, very summery.

Kate (a random lurker)

Nerys said...

Oh no!! Ciao Kate! :)