Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The 'humid' bin

There is now a grand total of five bins in my little studio flat.

Up until yesterday there were four I divided my rubbish into for the recycling - paper, pastic, glass, and everything else. Yesterday we got a delivery of new bins to my building, for the umido - which might literally translate to 'humid' or 'damp' - but it's for organic waste. The umido collection is far from a new thing in Italy, but it's currently being introduced to my area of Milan - with deliveries of little brown plastic bins for each flat and big shared bins for each building. Inside each little bin there were some leaflets explaining what exactly we should put in the umido bin - for example fruit and vegetable waste, coffee grounds, and meat and fish leftovers - and a free packet of biodegradable binbags. Now I've just got to find some space to put the new bin!


Andy said...

Perhaps you (and everyone else) should be looking for a bigger flat :-)

Nerys said...

Hi Andy! If only it were that easy ;)