Saturday, October 19, 2013

Word of The Week

Leggere - to read (verb)

Last week I bought a shiny new Kindle Fire HD. The nerdy bookworm in me was a bit reluctant to give up physical libri, but after much thinking about it the reduced price of this particular Kindle helped me make my mind up. And now we're inseparable. Between the odd game of Candy Crush (Curse you level 125!!) I've been downloading and reading classic Italian novels, such as texts my friends studied at school.

And here's the language geek note of the week: the past participle of leggere - which is letto - is the exact same word as the Italian for bed!


Jenny P said...

Must be the week for Kindle buying. Just bought a Kindle Paperwhite last week. Quite a challenge to get it delivered but finally I started using it last night. LOVE.

Nerys said...

Aren't they great?? I got mine delivered from Italy, and it arrived in less than 24 hours! Very impressed!

Katiuscia Herrera said...

io ho comprato il kobo, all'inizio non mi piaceva leggere su qualcosa che non fosse carta ma ora lo trovo comodissimo soprattutto in viaggio