Friday, December 6, 2013

Bilingual Songs

For reasons I haven't quite understood there are more bilingual songs doing the rounds on the radio at the moment than usual. It might be due to trying to boost sales at Christmas, but it doesn't usually happen that you get so many at once. Just in the last couple of weeks three duets by Italian and English language singers have been released.

It's not unusual to see a bilingual Italian and English song pop up every so often. I can think of a couple of big examples from the last few years - Mary J. Blige's Each Tear which featured Tiziano Ferro in the Italian version of the song (in 2010); and at the beginning of my Erasmus year during the autumn of 2005, Anastacia and Eros Ramazzotti's I Belong To You (Il ritmo della passione) was everywhere.

My favourite song of the current batch - and the first one to come along - is Stardust, which in this version features last year's X Factor winner, Chiara. This song was bilingual before Chiara first performed it with Mika, as a special Italian version of his last album - The Origin of Love - was released here last year. This version of the album featured two songs - the other being the title track - which included some Italian lyrics.

The second features one of Italy's most well-loved singers with one of the most famous singers in the world - Laura Pausini and Kylie Minogue. Limpido features on Laura's Greatest Hits collection, which celebrates her 20 year career.

The third is a song I heard on the radio earlier, by Giorgia - another well-loved female voice in Italy - and Alicia Keys, called I Will Pray (Pregherò). The duet is one of two which feature on Giorgia's Senza Paura album that was released last month, the other is with Olly Murs.

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amneris said...

Great ft. is Eros Ramazzotti ft. Tina Turner in Cose della vita. Love this song