Monday, January 20, 2014

Mangia che ti passa

January's always such a stronzo, right?

Mangia che ti passa was the advice my veneta friend gave me on Saturday when I said that I was feeling miserable. 'Eat and it'll pass'. Or to put it more creatively, 'eat and you'll feel better'. The Brits back in the Old Country fix everything with tea, Italians with food... in general. I've been trying to stick to a diet since the new year, and after a week of behaving I decided to follow her advice. Instead of falling back on the tried and trusted chocolate and gelato which would have meant leaving the house (err, no.) I decided to order some takeaway online. The delicious panzerotto I had didn't hang around long enough for me to take a photo of it!

Today's a miserable Monday. It's finally stopped raining but it's been grey all day. Even before I had lunch I had ordered tonight's supper - yes, it was going that bad! Not quite as greasy and fattening as Saturday's meal! And as a bonus the delivery arrived at my house the same time I did!

Buon appetito a tutti!


Anonymous said...

Ahaha.... sono onorata! !!! Bellissimo!!!!

Nerys said...

Grazie cara!

Lizzy Allan said...

Ah si, 'mangia che ti passa' era una frase che ho sentito tante volte quand'ero in italia! Isn't it great being able to order in food when the weather is foal? Looks like it was very yummy and healthy :)

Nerys said...

Ciao Lizzy! Yes, it was very yummy indeed!