Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An idea

The problem with me is that if I get an idea planted in my head I have to go through with it. Whether it's dying my hair red, entering a competition for aspiring radio presenters, or just going to Rome for the weekend on my own, I have to go through with it. The only recent example I have of not doing this is the idea I've had for a couple of years of getting a tattoo. That I've not got round to yet.

I've not had the greatest of starts to the year, in fact it's been a difficult few months since I broke up with my boyfriend at the end of last summer. It's one of those periods in life where nothing seems to be going right, yet I've been clinging on to the hope that sooner or later things will get better. But so far nothing's changed.

One of my closest Italian friends planted an idea in my head a couple of days ago and since then I can't stop thinking about it. And that idea is to move to Rome.

My birthday's coming up soon which is making me reflect more on my life than I do at other times during the year. I'll be 28 in just over 2 weeks' time, and I've been living in Milan for over 5 years. I've been feeling pretty damn pessimistic recently, and I've come to the realisation that for one thing I haven't got much to show for having lived in Milan for five years, and another thing is that I haven't actually got anything that's keeping me here - unlike other people. Of course, I have my friends, but I'm lucky to have friends all over Italy. I feel like I need a new start, and I don't want to go back to the UK where all the people I grew up with are settled down and are having kids.

So watch this space. If it does happen it'll be a long process, and this is just the beginning.

4 comments: said...

Go, Nerys, Go!
If you feel you´re standing still, change is always a good idea.

"I don´t regret what I´ve done, I only regret what I have NOT done".

I don´t know where it originated, but I like this quote.

Nerys said...

Thanks for the encouragement :)

Catherine Simes said...

Yes come to Rome! Why not? I was newly single at 27 and it did me nothing but good. And now I live in Rome!

Laurel said...

The weather is better here too!