Saturday, March 8, 2014

Word of The Week

La cena - supper/dinner

After a stressful week I decided to treat myself to a takeaway supper last night. I went for a hamburger (from Burger & Co. in Cologno Monzese if anyone's interested), not one of my usual choices as I fancied a change. The mega burger in the photo was delicious, with bacon and barbeque sauce. The main reason I decided to order from a burger shop was because I had a random craving for onion rings (I'm not pregnant, honest!). This is from a person who's never liked onions until very recently (but has a weakness for anything fried). As well as the onion rings I treated myself to a piece of delicious chocolate cake, and washed it all down with the bottle of wine I had at home. It was all superb, but after the amount of food I ate I woke up this morning with it still sat on my stomach!

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