Monday, May 5, 2014

Proper butter!

If you follow me on Twitter you might have caught me waxing lyrical over the last few days about my 'proper butter'.

Proper Welsh butter! Bought in Italy!

On Thursday evening one of my workmates sent me a photo of the butter she'd found to me on Whatsapp. A lot of Italians don't even know that Wales exists so I was amazed to see it on sale here! Even though I'm slightly lactose intolerant and supposed to be on yet another one of my diets, I couldn't resist when she asked if I wanted her to get me a packet!

My workmate sent me this link later on which explained why she had randomly found Welsh butter. There's an initiative in a supermarket chain here called Bennet - I know, right? - at the moment to promote Welsh products. As well as the butter, there's bacon, chicken, beef, cheddar, and tea. Unfortunately for me there's no Bennet in Milan at all - I'd have to go outside the city if I wanted to get my paws on these goodies myself!

Italians aren't really big on butter. They're more likely to use margarine instead of it, or what I've been doing for a while is buying those vegetable spreads which are supposed to resemble spreadable butter. You can of course get blocks of butter, but those practically require to be defrosted before you can spread them. If you buy a sandwich in a bar or in a supermarket it won't have butter in it. It'll probably have some sort of sauce, mayonnaise maybe (there's quite a lot of love for mayo here, but I guess that's another post...) but absolutely no butter or butter substitute. I've got into that habit myself now!

But over the last few days I've been treating myself to toast with proper butter, sandwiches with proper butter, crackers with proper butter... I've got to get through that pack before the best before date at the end of the month - and I'm the only person in the house!

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creepo said...

Oh my, how can they not love butter, proper spreading butter! Well lucky you, so sad that it don't lasts as long as one would like right? Those Little joys are the ones that can change a normal boring morning into a nice and great morning, am I right? A good old bagle or bread with rich and yummy butter