Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fa caldo!

It's hot. Or literally translated, it's making hot. Because that's how Italian rolls.

Just like last year the heat snuck up on us and pounced without any warning. Today the maximum in Milan was 32 degrees, which is pretty crazy for the beginning of June. The over-enthusiastic pharmacy thermometre down the street from my work was claiming that it was 40 degrees at lunchtime, and even though that might not have been the case it certainly felt like it. It's not quite so unbareable that I can't sleep at night yet, but I've had to say a sad goodbye to my spring duvet. The mosquitos are out and about, and even though I haven't seen any in my house yet - luckily! - I've got my anti-mozzie plug-in out from where I'd stashed it last September, to ward off the little buggers before they even arrive. I haven't even had a chance to buy any new sandals this year yet, I hate summer clothes and tend to put everything off as much as I can! I'm still stubbornly wearing jeans (and my sandals from last year) for as long as I possibly can! Obviously this weekend when I could actually enjoy the sun with a book and a nice cool drink on my balcony there are thunderstorms forecast...


creepo said...

So I have seen in the news, that heat wave it quite hard, but good enough it will pass at the end of the week. Can you imagine that in New Dehli they were at 40°C in the shade?! Now that I can't start to imagine how hot that may be.

So that time of year of the Little blood sucking rampage is coming...much luck and may you stay away from their diet.

Nerys said...

That's right, the temperature's going to fall by the end of the week, and I'm looking forward to the break. I read an article about the heatwave in New Dehli earlier, I'm glad I'm not there!!