Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Italian "News"

So there I was, at home on my lunch break, quite happily watching the news on Rai 2 as I munched away. On came your typical last-item-of-the-news story, the feel-good story to end the bulletin. The newsreader presented it, a story about an English girl who had lost her dog, but it had been found thanks to an appeal for its return being shared on social media. I had a bad feeling right from the word 'England', as ignorant Italian journalists (and not only them) call the whole of the UK Inghilterra, or England.

I was right. As the item continued they showed various pages from Facebook, and on one of them I saw the word Cardiff. Was it really possible that they were that ignorant to say that the capital of Wales was in England?

It was possible. It was the story of young Lola and her dog Ruby who had been stolen, but found thanks to the help of Facebook they had been reunited. They live in Pontcanna, Cardiff.

The incriminating item can be found here, and it's safe to say that I won't be watching any Italian news ever again, because if they mess up something this simple, there's really no hope.

To the people who put together that news item for Rai, go back to school, because at the moment you're not capable of doing your job correctly.


creepo said...

The sad thing is that stuff like that is presented in population, in general, around the world. For instance, go around asking "what is the capital of Canada" or the capital of Australia and you will find a lot of amusing answers. The tough thing about your entry is that in fact, they get mixed up in a european country. I mean I have heard people getting mixed up about DublĂ­n and Belfast or saying that London is the Capital of the UK, but they are all from America or Aisa...never heard such mistake from an european.

Canedolia said...

In France they use Angleterre as a synonym for the UK on the news quite often and it really annoys me. They do tend to call Scotland Ecosse when it's a specifically Scottish story though (and there's nothing like an independence referendum to raise awareness, either!).

Nerys said...

Hi Creepo, unfortunately it's the norm here :(

Hi Canedolia, that's like how it is here too. I've barely heard anything about the referendum here though, probably too complicated for the ignorant Italian "journalists" to get their heads around.

Laruchka said...

Every time I have ever seen anything on the news or in newspapers that I was personally in the know of, the facts have always been wrong/incomplete. I'm afraid it's not just Italy. Even the beloved BBC does it.

Elspeth said...

As a Sydneysider, it's more amusing than offensive to hear people mistake our city for the nation's capital, but I do feel sorry for Canberra at the same time. But Australians as a whole are often just as prone to ignorance, especially when it comes to the UK unfortunately.