Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Snaps from Milan - Porta Garibaldi

This was the view whilst I was waiting for the No.33 tram to take me home last night from Porta Garibaldi train station. The area around the station has been redeveloped in the last few years, one of the many changes being made to the city in preparation for the Expo next year. The Unicredit tower in the photo is the highest building in Milan at 231 metres, construction was completed in 2011.


creepo said...

SO I have Heard that Puerta Garibaldi is a bit unsafe, what is your opiniĆ³n about that?

Nerys said...

I haven't heard anything like that... Nearby there's Corso Como too, which is a nice street that's popular for aperitivi.

creepo said...

Thanks for cleaing that up!