Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bad Italian Parking - Exhibit 6

It's the lunchtime car park!

I may be short of ideas for posts recently, but there's never a shortage of bad parkers, especially not on my street! This is what happens when you live on the same street as a popular trattoria, come mealtime people dump their cars anywhere because, of course, eating's much more important than anything else!


creepo said...

Ok, so the red car is actually parked? The black car seems to be, but the red car...really? Not only in the pedestrian crossing but it has a STOP sign, like...that is a big no no, and there is a lot of space elsewhere!

Nerys said...

Yup, the red car was actually parked!

Ana said...

Ahaha Honey you should see where I live, although the owner of the red car must be...ahm...oh well!