Saturday, July 5, 2014

Word of The Week

La frutta - fruit

Ok, it gets a bit complicated straight away. La frutta fristly refers to the fruit we eat, and it's the collective of a lot of fruit together. When the news keeps repeating every summer that we should drink lots of liquid and eat a lot of fruit when the very hot weather arrives, it's frutta that's referred to. Un frutto is one individual fruit, which can become plural, such as in frutti di bosco (fruits of the forest); or frutti di mare, which is literally 'fruits of the sea' - seafood!

With my summer holiday booked I'm on a last-minute diet, and I've been eating a lot of fruit. The photo is of some uva, but I've also been tucking into banane, fragole (strawberries), albicocche (apricots), and pesche (peaches). And one thing about all these fruits is that they're all feminine!

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