Saturday, August 2, 2014

365 Days of Happy - Days 1 to 30

I'm following my friend Claire's lead over at Run Brit Chick Run and posting the first 30 photos of our 365 Days of Happy project. There are four of us expat ladies in Italy taking part, there's also Susan, and Alison who blogs at Cliento Fairy Tales. I post my photos on Instagram every day, but here's what I've got up to for the first 30 of the 365 days.

Day 1: Not falling into temptation at the supermarket and sticking to my diet.

Day 2: Relaxing with a book - and my duvet!

Day 3: Weekends mean cappuccino for breakfast.

Day 4: An early morning visit to Radio Deejay to see the lovely Mauro and Andrea.

Day 5: Actually getting post!

Day 6: Trying my new sparkly nail varnish.

Day 7: Narrowly missing the rain.

Day 8: Preparing a healthy supper.

Day 9: The cactus Claire gave me in Rome's still alive!

Day 10: Busy making jewellery.

Day 11: Lazy weekend breakfast.

Day 12: Gelato break in work!

Day 13: Glad to get my appetite back when I was ill...

Day 14: Watching documentaries in bed whilst trying to recover.

Day 15: A cuppa tea always helps!

Day 16: More post!

Day 17: Sunbathing on my balcony.

Day 18: Not like I was going to miss out on this craze!

Day 19: Sushi treat!

Day 20: Ranting always makes me feel better...

Day 21: Shopping in Milan city centre.

Day 22: Coffee!

Day 23: Always nice to go to bed after a long week.

Day 24: I love my Kinder stuff!

Day 25: Finally some sun!

Day 26: Hearing a song from my Erasmus year on the radio on the way home.

Day 27: I've still got my duvet!

Day 28: It's cool enough to still wear my Converse!

Day 29: But finally I could wear my shiny new sandals.

Day 30: Hometime on a Friday!

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