Friday, August 15, 2014

Chiuso per ferie

Oh, I've wanted to write that for so long.

I'm now officially on holiday for the next two weeks, the first time I've had a holiday in August since before I moved to Italy so this is HUGE.

August in Italy means that the whole country pretty much closes down. If you've ever visited any major Italian city during August you probably would have lost count of the Chiuso per ferie signs on shop fronts. They've shut up shop and gone on holiday. And in most cases it's nearly for the entire month - if not a whole four weeks!

These are just the ones I saw on my short walk from work tonight, down streets that resembled a zombie film more than a bustling European city.

I was shocked that this tabaccheria was open for as long as it was!

Whoever came up with these 80s-tastic signs must have made themselves a fortune.

Yup, we haven't understood that you're going on holiday so you're going to have to draw that for us.

Oh yes, even pharmacies ladies and gentlemen! There's no escape!

Re-opening Saturday 30th August

Now that's cheating, I can't tell how long you've been closed for.

Opening Monday afternoon 01/09

And the late arriver award goes to...

And I have to smugly add that some of these businesses re-open whilst I'll still be sunning myself on the beach! The joy!!

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Anneka Lott said...

Lol! Happy Holidays :-) I know Milano is a ghost town during the summer and I can now see why!