Saturday, August 9, 2014

Word of The Week

scaricare - to download

That's me trying desperately to take a photo of my beloved Kindle without the reflection of my camera and failing miserably.

A lot of words in Italian for technology, such as file, computer, and mouse (all three are masculine, by the way) have been directly borrowed from the English, but there are a few that the Italians have come up with themselves. Scaricare before the invention of the interwebz exclusively meant 'to unload'; and dropping the 's', caricare meant 'to load' whereas it now also means 'to upload'. Yesterday ho scaricato (I downloaded) three new books onto my Kindle - none of which are Italian I must admit, but my brain deserves to work a little bit less hard over the summer, right??


Cathy said...

Great word Nerys - I hope you enjoy your three new books :-)

Nerys said...

Thanks Cathy!

Jenny P said...

Yes I've just done the same on my Kindle. Far too easy.