Tuesday, September 9, 2014

365 Days of Happy - Days 31 to 60

Yes, I know, I'm a bit behind... But the 365 days of happy challenge continues!

Day 31: A relaxing Saturday afternoon.

Day 32: Weekly weigh-in and it's all going well!

Day 33: Got some more jewellery making materials in the post.

Day 34: Big box of beach stuff from ASOS!

Day 35: Starting to work with my new beads.

Day 36: Time to feed my Kindle some new books!

Day 37: Tucking into my new book...

Day 38: Getting my hair done!

Day 39: Sunday morning yoga.

Day 40: The walk home with nobody around.

Day 41: Sometimes I'm really really really happy to have the whole bed to myself.

Day 42: Not my fault, honest!

Day 43: A sunny evening at last.

Day 44: Officially on holiday!!

Day 45: Brokenass radio is tuned to Deejay listening to the wonderful Laura and Rudy!

Day 46: Breakfast!

Day 47: Picking up a couple of books for my beach holiday.

Day 48: Time to get cracking with the packing!

Day 49: Almost ready to go!

Day 50: Finally at the beach.

Day 51: On air on Radio Deejay!

Day 52: Day two at Aquafan.

Day 53: A treat after being at the beach all day.

Day 54: Another day at the sea.

Day 55: One last morning at Aquafan.

Day 56: Reunited with my bed and tv shows.

Day 57: Travelling halfway round the world by book.

Day 58: Relaxing in the park.

Day 59: My new Murakami book.

Day 60: Nightowls Mauro and Andrea are on the radio at a decent time!!


creepo said...

Great pictures and fun things ^_^

So I undertand that Netflix is closed in Italy...what do you sue to keep up with your series?

Nerys said...

Aaah, where there's a will, there's a way ;)

creepo said...

Hahaha crafty woman!

Oh BTW...I didn't showered you with compliments about the picture where you are getting your hair done! Not only the shoes are sooo cool, but you are still looking as cute as ever! super kudos!

Nerys said...

Ahahah thanks!