Saturday, September 27, 2014

Word of The Week

L'anello - ring (masculine noun)

Dropping back down a size has given me a chance to revamp my look in general (well, that's my excuse). Today I went on a serious shopping trip in Milan city centre, and I picked up these very cute anelli at Pimkie on Via Torino.

Anello is not to be confused with agnello (that funny gn sound you make in the back of your throat), which is lamb. (Omnomnom)


creepo said...

So as far as I got piece by piece, the masculine plural ends up with "i" and the femenine with "e"?

Bruno said...

not always. "La nave" (the ship) is a femenine name, and its plural is "le navi"

Nerys said...

True, there are some exceptions. La mano (hand) and le mani breaks the rules!