Sunday, October 12, 2014

365 Days of Happy - Days 61 to 90

It's time for another recap! (Yes, I'm late again.)

Day 61: A bright and breezy lunchtime.

Day 62: Chocolate & orange biscuits for breakfast.

Day 63: It's not too warm for some hot blackcurrant!

Day 64: I can fit into my size 8 jeans again!!

Day 65: A relaxing Friday night...

Day 66: Watch ALL the shows!

Day 67: Breakfaaaaast

Day 68: Booking another trip!

Day 69: Some feel-good music.

Day 70: A well-deserved day off from my diet.

Day 71: New book!

Day 72: Favourite dress!

Day 73: Another spotty dress - this time one that finally fits!

Day 74: Everybody's got a novel inside them waiting to come out...

Day 75: Boots international delivery FTW!

Day 76: Stocked up on Nespresso capsules.

Day 77: And I tried out the limited edition capsule.

Day 78: After a loong day I can finally relax.

Day 79: Zombies!

Day 80: The return of the onesie!!

Day 81: New Murakami!

Day 82: A cuppa tea always helps, even if the doctor orders you off dairy...

Day 83: Omnomnom.

Day 84: I was very excited about reading this book!

Day 85: Hopefully the stomach bug's now gone, so I'm risking a proper breakfast...

Day 86: Oooh shiny new radio!

Day 87: Early morning in Piazza Duomo.

Day 88: Sunday night treat - pasta & salmon.

Day 89: Where I wanted to be all day...

Day 90: Il desiderio di essere come tutti


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