Friday, October 24, 2014

My (belated) sixth Italianniversary

October 22nd marked six years since my arrival in Italy. It was a Wednesday like it was back in 2008, when I arrived in Milan Malpensa to be picked up by my friend Roby, with only my case and battered secondary school backpack. I didn't feel much like celebrating this year, I've been feeling a bit stuck in a rut recently. The most exciting thing I did was treat myself to some sushi, Japanese beer, and krapfen (pack of two and damn right did I eat both the same evening); which seeing as I've been on a diet since July (over 7kg lost!) was actually pretty damn special.

Today I'm on another planet after finally falling asleep around 5am, only to then be wide awake around 9.15. Late last night I was back at Radio Deejay visiting nightowls Mauro and Andrea, who have a show from 1-4am (if your Italian's up to scratch and you find yourself awake at the time I highly recommend tuning in, the show always makes for entertaining listening!). It was the positive experience that I so badly needed to feel better. I was chatting away with the boys on-air, at 3am, after having had a couple of glasses of the prosecco I'd bought along. The boys and the listeners showered me with compliments for my Italian, and also for what they called a perfect radio voice when I spoke in English. At that time I have no idea how I even managed to string together coherent sentences in Italian!

So my 7th year in Italy's started off very well. For some reason my odd-numbered years here have been much better than the even-numbered ones, and I'm really hoping that will be the case this year.


Laurel said...

Congrats, Nerys, on 6 years, your Italian, weight loss, and your blog! Here's to a fabulous Year 7!

Nerys said...

Thanks Laurel!

creepo said...

Much to congratulate you for! Kudos Nerys!