Saturday, November 1, 2014

365 Days of Happy - Days 91 to 120

I'm actually nearly on time! Here's my latest round-up of the 365 Days of Happy challenge.

Day 91: Omnomnom blackcurrant

Day 92: Home.

Day 93: At the Deejay Village in preparation for Sunday's race.

Day 94: A meal with friends.

Day 95: Delicious Sunday lunch.

Day 96: Time to relax.

Day 97: Happy to be out of the rain.

Day 98: Pretty new jumper!

Day 99: Another Boots order!

Day 100: Coffee break,

Day 101: Another cheeky glass of wine...

Day 102: Sunday treat!

Day 103: Monday night wine...

Day 104: My shiny new Converse!

Day 105: Pyjamassss

Day 106: Gorgeous earrings made by my very talented friend Monica.

Day 107: I can finally put my feet up...

Day 108: Sunday morning coffee.

Day 109: Sunday treat - vanilla flavoured Greek yogurt.

Day 110: After 5 hours' sleep, finally back in bed...

Day 111: Shopping at H&M

Day 112: A bit of a strange supper to celebrate my Italianniversary

Day 113: I was getting ready to go out late at night...

Day 114: ... to go and visit the nightshift at Deejay!

Day 115: Mission winter coat!

Day 116: I love Lush!

Day 117: Love this book.

Day 118: Caffè al ginseng.

Day 119: Breaking out the big fluffy dressing gown!

Day 120: Treating myself to some goodies from New Look.

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