Saturday, November 29, 2014


Since leaving for Rome last Saturday I've fallen off the diet wagon ever so slightly... Before stuffing my face with pizza and pasta for two days I was only 300 grams (!!) off my target weight, but since coming back to Milan I haven't quite been able to face the scales yet...

This cheeky treat didn't help matters either, but my willpower by now is seriously fading. It's a chocolate orange cupcake - yes, that's a piece of Terry's Chocolate Orange sat on the top! - that I bought at the Artigiano in Fiera today. I go to the event every year, it's held at the exhibitions centre in Rho Fiera, just outside the city, and showcases handmade goods from across Italy, Europe, and from the rest of the world. I bought a few Christmas presents, even though it pains me to start my Christmas shopping before the beginning of December! Before going home I actually went back to the cupcake stand I'd seen earlier in the morning to take one home with me.

And it was amazing. It was the first cupcake I'd had since this whole craze started. With Italians being fiercely proud and protective of their cooking, it's obviously not taken off in the same way here, but American style baking has become popular with the younger generations - as the crowd around the stall showed earlier!

That's the thing with foreign food in Italy, it's rarer, often not as good (not in the case of my precious cupcake though!), and more expensive. It makes that burger, that bagel, that cheesecake, or in this case cupcake, even more special!


Jenny P said...

I'm looking forward to going to the Fiera this week for my first visit. I might just have to try an Italian cupcake

creepo said...

It does in fact looks delicious