Sunday, December 7, 2014

365 Days of Happy - Days 121 to 150

I haven't given up yet!

Day 121: Coming home on Friday with the food shop.

Day 122: Beads!

Day 123: Sunday morning

Day 124: I love Kiko!

Day 125: Mokaccino

Day 126: My bag of New Look goodies arrived safely!

Day 127: Book two of Elena Ferrante's L'amica geniale series.

Day 128: Trying out my new boots!

Day 129: Bubbly bath!

Day 130: A brilliant new book.

Day 131: Out of my wet clothes!

Day 132: More zombies :D

Day 133: My big new comfy jumper

Day 134: No rain!

Day 135: My first beer in a while!

Day 136: Curled up in bed with my Kindle and a coffee.

Day 137: Sunday treat!

Day 138: Lots of yummy Christmas treats from Lidl!

Day 139: My lovely fluffy jumper from H&M

Day 140: A new decoration for my Christmas tree.

Day 141: A little treat to celebrate finally getting under 50kg!

Day 142: Nearly all packed to go to Rome!

Day 143: And off we go to Rome!

Day 144: At Radio Deejay

Day 145: More zombies!

146: At least it's nice and warm in bed.

Day 147: These things are lifesavers.

Day 148: My head was clear enough to read.

Day 149: Preparing a battle plan for the Artigiano in Fiera

Day 150: Ready!


creepo said...

Aww..more happy moments...sweet :)

creepo said...

Oh oh...I forgot to that you are a fan of TWD comic book as well are, as well as I am...prepared for what the series will bring cool!