Monday, December 1, 2014


(It doesn't take a genius to figure out what dicembre means, eh?)

Hello stash of Christmas food! It's December 1st, and according to my rules I can now start Christmasifying my life. Ok, so this year I've bended the years a little bit by buying and giving presents in November, buying decorations, and accumulating my wonderful delicious biscuit-box-full of Christmas food. I haven't got any decorations up in my house yet, but I'll be getting my tree out this weekend. No panettone either, seeing as that stuff will be coming out of my pores by the end of the month I'm in no big hurry to get one yet.

It's still strange going through the Christmas period in a different country to the one I grew up in. There are different traditions that I may now be used to, but don't associate with Christmasses past. There's no turkey, no stuffing, no crackers and their bad jokes. To tell the truth, it's always a bittersweet time of year, being single and surrounded by people constantly discussing what they're going to get their other halves doesn't help either. Luckily I won't be spending Christmas Day on my own, but this period really doesn't do much for my self-esteem. So I try to throw myself into everything Christmas, looking for positivity and happiness through things that I don't have all year round. Hence the stash. Because chocolates and sweet things always help.

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creepo said...

Well if things goes as plan I do hope I can take you out for a stroll for 2015 Christmas! Well I mean if you are still in Milan and you are willing :P